He is a Prayer Answering God

I began searching for the Mind of God for 2014. One of the things I sought direction in was my writing ministry. I love to do research and compile my findings into documents. I found fulfillment in publishing my works online. Since I did not have internet access, I did not feel as inspired as I normally do concerning my writing.

I continued studying the Bible for my enrichment. When I was connected to the internet, I began reviewing my previous works. God has inspired me to write on the various subjects that you read on a daily basis.

Don’t let anybody tell you that God does not answer prayer. Even if it is the smallest thing to you, it is a big thing to God. Did you know that God wants you to consult Him when you lose something? I have the tendency to lose some things that might seem minor to you. Guess what I do? I tell the Lord that I know He can see it. Then I ask Him to show me where it is. Later on in that day, or some time in the future, God leads me to look in a certain place, and there it is! God is concerned about everything that involves us. Don’t ever thing that whatever you lose, whatever you are going through is a minor thing to God. This is called building a relationship with the Father. Talk to Him. Let Him know how you feel! He will listen and answer your prayer. It may not come the way you expect, but it will be answered. Be encouraged! God is always listening.


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