The Deity of Jesus Christ Part One

The Deity of Jesus Christ


Why is the deity of Jesus Christ so important for today’s believer to know? This is the first thing that Satan will attack in the life of the believer. He wants to dethrone Jesus from heart of believers. The attacks come from various groups such as the New Age Movement among others.  Satan is attempting to prepare the way for the Antichirst. See Revelation 13:1-18.


         Satan wants to be worshipped as God. See Isaiah 14:12; Luke 4:7. He will be worshipped as god in the coming Tribulation Period. Note II Thessalonians 2:3-4. This attack on the Lord Jesus Christ is being executed even today as you read this lesson. Various cultic groups such as the New Age groups. This group includes Bible translators who have their own way of dethroning Jesus from the hearts of believers. They leave out important scriptures. That is why I admonish you to be choosy with selecting a translation.


Defining the term “deity of Christ” is fairly simple in Christian doctrine. This doctrine deals with the truth that there is a personal God, Creator and Ruler of the universe. He is infinite, eternal and unchangeable. When the believer says that Jesus Christ is God, he believes in the deity of Christ. This means that the same person who is known to history as Jesus of Nazareth existed before He became man in the flesh. He is infinite, eternal and unchangeable. Note the following verse:


Hebrews 7:24 (KJV)
(24) “But this man, because he continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood.”


Hebrews 13:8 (KJV)
“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.”


Jesus is immutable, eternal, solid, stable, steadfast, firm, secure, immovable. For this reason, we have a sure hope. What Jesus Christ revealed Himself as, that He will always be!


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