Good Bible Software Programs for Biblical Research

I would like to welcome everybody who decided to be notified of my blog postings. It is an honor to be a part of your life!


I want to share with you some good biblical resources to further your personal study of God’s precious Word.


I use WordSearch 9. This is a software program that I purchased over five years ago. It contains over 240 books. I could never have enough room to store such an amount of books where I live. This software is a blessing to me. It helps me to do the research I need in order to teach the Bible. Some of you may notice that I list the name of a book in the text of my lessons. These books are a part of this software.


I know you may not be in a position to purchase such a software program. Let us just say that this program costs over $200! I am so glad I have it to minister God’s Word to you. I do not know what the latest price is for WordSearch 10.


Here is a list of software programs that are free downloads along with my response to them.



This is a good program without all the frills. It will help expand your knowledge of the Bible. You can add “modules” as you need them. There are maps of the Old and New Testament countries. It is colorful and very handy. Just type in the name and you will be taken to the site. You can also Google it.


Note: You can Google any one of these programs. They are all free!


WordSearch Bible Basic

This is a simplified program that you can use. You can add over 200 Bibles to it. You can also freely download commentaries, and devotionals. Be careful downloading commentaries. Commentaries are a secondary source for studying God’s Word. Read the text first before turning to other sources.




When I find other software programs that are free, and useful for your spiritual growth in the Bible, I will give you that information.



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