Hope Part Three

When you become a believer, you have a hope that will not shame you. You have a hope that is eternal. It is not weak or frail. You are relying upon the Creator of the universe. He will never forsake you. He will never lie to you. I know I have said that in my earlier writings, but it is important that you remember that God will never fail you. When He makes a promise, He will fulfill it. Your mother or father may make a promise, but they are susceptible to circumstances. They can make a promise, but something may cause them to not fulfill their promise. That is what may happen with a child. The child looks forward to getting whatever the parent has promised. The child believes with all their heart that their parent will fulfill the promise. They do not understand that circumstances and hindrances will change things. These influences may cause the parent to go back on their word. That is when the child can call their parents liars. The child does not understand that their parents do not have control over life’s challenges. No matter how much the parent(s) may explain the problem to their child, the child remains angry at their parent(s). The child does not understand that their parents cannot control life’s challenges. That child’s hope was in their parents’ ability to fulfill their promise(s). Their parent(s) tried to fulfill the promise, but they failed.

God the Father will never fail you. He is not just your Father, but He is a promise keeper. You can be assured that when He makes a promise, He will bring it to pass. I know I’m repeating myself, but I cannot go on until you understand this truth. Maybe God gave you a promise years ago, but you have not seen it yet. Do not give up hope! For God will bring it to pass in due season.

Put your trust in the Lord. He will never say something, and not fulfill His Word!

Lord, help me to depend upon you in all things!

Help me to lean upon You with everything that is a part of my life.

Help me to trust and have confidence because of Who You are and not in what others say they can do.

In Jesus’ Name I pray…Amen


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