Real Happiness

While I grew up, people sought happiness through various means.  Unfortunately, not all those means brought the needed happiness.  Today I went to my church for the day.  The ladies were having a sidewalk sale on the front lawn of the church. The brothers (get this one ladies-the brothers) were cooking the food inside!  Great day–I did not know my pastor could fry some good fried chicken! Great day in the morning! (I heard that–you repeated what I said!)  I was really happy to get out for a while and visit the church.  I was excited to be around the conversations that went on about the clothing and shoes, etc.  When I came back home, I remembered that the Lord made a statement concerning happiness.  He said something like “Happiness is temporary, but peace is everlasting.”


      So, I guess I  was looking for the wrong thing at the wrong place.  Besides Jesus spoke something that made me really think as I wrote this down.  Note with me


      Matthew 6:33 (ASV) “But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”






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