You Are Never Alone!

It was nine forty-five, and Natalie pushed the lobby button on the elevator. She had not planned to work so late, but her presentation was due Thursday morning. This was Wednesday. She was proud of the work she had done. Her client would walk away from the meeting excited and happy they had hired her for the job. For that reason, Natalie had worked so hard tonight.


She got off the elevator on the ground floor. Her car was parked in the side parking lot. She picked up her pace as she fought the raindrops that began to fall. Suddenly she realized somebody was following her. She could hear their steps in the rain as the drops fell harder. In the midst of her fear, Psalm 56:3 came to her mind. It said “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” In her fear, Natalie trusted in the Lord. Not if I am afraid, but “when” I am afraid. Fear had Natalie by the throat, but she trusted in the Lord anyway!


Can you trust God when you are afraid? When fear overwhelms you, you can trust in the Lord! He will never leave you alone!


No never alone!

No never alone!

He promised never to leave me!

Never to leave me alone!




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