Seeing Through the Eyes of God




       I am proposing a question to us as a whole: Do we have a habit of making fun of others?  If so, have we ever considered that we might be in the same condition one day if the Lord doesn’t come soon?


       Throughout our day, do we seen the mentally challenged, the hungry, the homeless, etc. and just say even a brief prayer for them?  Have you ever thought about the homeless and said they need to get a job like everybody else?


       I recently met a man who was in a homeless shelter.  Guess why he was there?  He was a former business owner—a successful business owner.  Then the economy hit his business.  The business went down hill, and his wife and family deserted him.  The finances that he did have in his savings and checking account soon disappeared as he sought a new job.  He found that he was incapable in skills to work in businesses that relied solely on computers, etc. 


       In his state, the only choice he had was homelessness and a shelter.He had been in the shelter for over a year or more.  Finally, the social services person at the shelter found him a job that was a entry level job.  He wore a suit and tie on that day.  I never saw him again.  Maybe…just maybe he got hired.


       To look at him in the shelter, you would think he was crazy.  He told me that he had a Ph.D. in business education and management, he was brilliant, but life had done him in.


       I never judged a homeless person in the same way anymore after that.  You see, I was homeless once.  I had three semesters in English Literature, and I was a successful internet writer.  Life, as the world calls it, “gave me a bad hand.” I never doubted Jesus.  I waited for Him to turn things around.  It was not the “things” that needed to be turned around.  It was only me that needed turning around.


       Maybe, just maybe, we need to see others through the eyes of Jesus.  Remember the song that came out…”give me your eyes so I could see…It was a Christian song where the singer was asking God to let him see life and people through His eyes.  If we see things through the eyes of Jesus, maybe the compassion, mercy and forgiveness we are supposed to flow through us will really happen.


       Before you and I judge, think about how you and I would be in that same position, but for the grace of God.


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