Smiling Faces

People are walking the street with smiles on their faces.  They say “hello” to those who respond them.  Each person with something on their minds. Their lives are busy.  They have jobs while others have lost their shelters.  Some have good relationship with friends, families and wives.  There are those who seek relationships that are true and not rooted in standards that they will never meet. 

They look upon faces searching for reality.  Yet reality scares them.  Reality is fearful bringing shame and more fear to their lives. Secrets are what they fear if they open themselves to those who say they are their friends.  Hidden pasts with locked doors must remain closed.  For behind those doors are scars that remain on the minds of the fearful.  That is why they build walls around their hearts.  They have chosen not to be in a relationship with another.  For they fear the truth will be revealed in that corner of their lives.  They fear that if that door is discovered that rejection will follow. 

They long for acceptance, but they are afraid.  The knowledge they have obtained places them in a world that separates them from others.  Yet, they do not know that what they contain may help someone in the end.  In the time of the future, their knowledge will bring the answer to others who have sought for the answer them knowledge.

They remain alone because people do not understand them. It is as though they speak a foreign language only understood by those in their “realm.”  Loneliness is the life they lead—not by choice but by the depth of the knowledge, they know.  They seem strange around the circles they interact with on a social plane.  When they speak, others can follow them.  These people are on a level that some cannot understand. They do not seek to understand them either.  They learn only to speak and move away from those in that other realm. 


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