Differences in John’s Gospel Part One



John’s Gospel emphasizes the meanings of the events in the Gospels. He records what is not said. Jesus is portrayed as the Son of God. He is traced back to the beginning of time. John is called the Genesis of the New Testament. The following information is not mentioned in his gospel:


-manger scene




-Mount of Transfiguration






It is written with the church in mind

This gospel is a good starting place for new believers to study and read. The language is simple to understand. The vocabulary is small. Six hundred words from John’s vocabulary were used in this gospel. This gospel can be understood by a seven year old. Here are some of the popular words of John’s gospel:

Father 121 times

Believe 99 times

World 79 times

Know 61 times

Love 57 times

Abide 41 times

Life 36 times

Light 23 times

Three keys unlock the Gospel of John

1.     The Back Door Key John 20:30-31

2.     The Side Door Key John 16:28

3.     The Front Door Key John 1:11-12



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