An Attempt to Cover the Truth

A Defeated Attempt to Cover Truth


I am using a program to read the New Testament in six months. I finished reading Matthew this morning. In Matthew 27:64-66, Pilate knows that Jesus said He would rise in three days. He commands that the sepulcher be guarded. The purpose of this action is to make sure the disciples would not steal the body of Jesus Christ. It was never the intention of the disciples to steal the body of Jesus in order to make Jesus’ words come true. Pilate sets up a round the clock watch at the door of the sepulcher. In verse 64, we see that the door was made secure by sealing the stone.


There is another earthquake because one of God’s angels comes down to the earth. He rolls away the stone—not to set Jesus free from the grave, but for the purpose of the women coming to the grave. This allowed the women to look inside the sepulcher. They would discover that Jesus had risen from the dead as He told them. Matthew 28:1-3 The third verse of Matthew 28 says that the angel’s countenance was like lightning. Notice verse four. Fear came upon the soldiers. They shook and “became as dead men.” Verse 4. When this was told by the guards to the chief priests, they started a lie. See verses 11-13. In order to discourage the truth from being told of Jesus’ resurrection, they told the guards to say that Jesus’ disciples came by night and stole the body of Jesus away. They were paid to lie. Verse 15 says that this “lie” “is commonly reported among the Jews until this day.” They attempted to hide the truth behind a lie. They failed in their effort to hide the truth. Jesus appeared at different times before His followers. That cleared up the lie, and the truth was spread abroad.



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