Sexual Abuse in Today’s World

I decided to reblog the article concerning sexual abuse because I am a victim. I am now a healed and delivered victim of this deadly attack. Through many years of prayer, and discussion I eventually overcame it. It took the blood of the lamb to wash away the filthiness that I felt. I can now testify of God’s healing and mental deliverance from this terrible event. I can say much about this bad experience. I have chosen not to speak of things of the past.


We should continually pray for victims of sexual abuse. If they do not experience healing and wholeness, they may continue to abuse others.  This brings to mind a friendship I had with a young man. I do not remember how we met. We became fast friends. He would share things with me about his life. He said he had a friend who became his “father.” In the end, his “father” made him choose between him and me. It was a heart breaking choice for both of us. The Lord let me know that “John’s” relationship was of a sexual nature with my friend. You should have seen the sadness in his eyes when he left me standing alone.


There are times when I think of my friend and the sadness of his soul. We really liked each other. There was an “unspeakable” connection between us. I wonder how he is doing today.


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