Faith and Hope Part Three



Christian virtues

I Thess. 5:8

Involves the unseen

Rom. 8:24; 2 Cor. 5:7

Require trust

Rom. 15:13, 5:4

Please God

Ps. 147:11 Heb. 11:6

From these scriptures, we can gather the fact that the anchor of hope and the rode of faith can be seen as one. The rode is securely connected to the ship and anchor. When this takes place, they become one. As believers, we have become one with Him. Note Ephesians 4:4. This verse speaks of being “called in one hope of your calling.” Becoming one with Him means that our faith and hope are entwined like a braided rope. They are separate, but they work as one. Look what the Bible says:

“Your faith and hope are in God.” I Peter 1:21



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