Faith vs. Hope Part Two

If we want to be held secure, we must have hope. When we act in faith believing that Jesus is our anchor, hope must be a reality in our lives. Then we can experience such an anchored life.


Our Hope

Based upon the promise of God the Father. He promised that God the Son would be the Savior of the world. When we say hope, we mean Jesus.


By Faith

We receive Jesus into our hearts and lives. Faith is the means by which we actually receive our hope.


Our Hope

Based in Jesus prompts us to step out in faith. We receive the Word of God. We are taking God at His Word.


Our Faith

It is motivated by our hope. Faith is the means by which we benefit from our hope.


Our Hope

It sustains physical life which resides in believing in the benefit of food (food is necessary for survival).


Our Faith

It is exercised when we eat the necessary food.


Our Hope

It sustains spiritual life, which resides in Jesus. We accept the fact that Jesus is necessary for our eternal life.


Our Faith

We have faith in Jesus’ ability to give us eternal life. It is exercised when we receive Jesus into our lives.


Our Hope

It is our confident assurance in the merit of food. Not having this hope may cause us not to eat food.


Our Faith

We eat to stay alive. Otherwise, we would die before our time.


Our Hope

We have the hope of eternal life, which is in Jesus. If we do not have this hope, we will die a spiritual death. Our end is eternal separation from Him.


Placing our faith in Christ is the means by which we take hold of our hope in Him. We will receive all the benefits of having Christ, including living throughout eternity in Heaven with Him.




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