The Word Became Flesh Part One

The Word Becomes Flesh

Many philosophers to mean, “reason,” the force, which structured the universe, also used the Greek term translated “word”; Philo combined this image with Jewish conceptions of the “word.”

By calling Jesus “the Word,” John calls him the embodiment of all God’s revelation in the Scriptures and thus declares that only those who accept Jesus honor the law fully John 1:17. Jewish people considered Wisdom/Word divine yet distinct from God the Father, so it was the closest available term John had to describe Jesus.

The Logos in eternity and time John 1:1-5

The Word existed before humanity came on the scene. The term “Word” is the common Greek word logos, which meant “speaking, a message, or words.” [The Bible Knowledge Commentary] It was widely used in Greek. John used this word because it was familiar to his readers. He used his own meaning of the word. This is seen in the prologue.

The Word was with God John 1:1, John alludes to the Old Testament and the Jewish picture of God creating through His preexistent wisdom or word. During the time of John, this wisdom existed before the rest of creation but was itself created. By declaring that the Word “was” in the beginning and especially by calling the Word “God” John 1:1; also the most likely reading of John 1:18, John goes beyond the common Jewish conception to imply that Jesus is not created. See Isaiah 43:10-11.


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