John 1:4-5

Jesus–the Light and the Life

John 1:4-5

We have already seen in verses 1-3 that Jesus is the Word, and He was with God in the beginning. We viewed Colossians 1, which supported the facts of Jesus’ position in Heaven and His position in relation to the Church. We also discussed the fact that the anointing flows through the body of believers. In these verses, we will discuss the light and the life found in Jesus Christ.

What kind of life did Jesus bring to humanity? The word “life” translated from the word “zoe” which speaks of eternal/everlasting life. This is the life that Adam and Eve had before they sinned. There are Old Testament promises of long life in the land if Israel obeyed God. Note Exodus 20:12. This verse speaks of honor parents. When this is done, the individual’s life will be long upon the land. Unfortunately, this is not being lived out in these days. 2 Timothy 3:2 speaks of this fact. We also see that the present news bears this out. Deut. 5:16 speaks of not only long life but that the individual shall inherit the land promised them. Deut. 119 says that the Israelites shall pass this spiritual information to their children. They are to be written on their doorposts. They are to speak it as they walked and sat in front of their homes. Deut. 8:1 says that they are to be observing all the commandments, which the Lord commanded them. This would cause them to live and multiply in the Promised Land. Israel fell short of this because of their self-will and disobedience. John declares that this life had always been available through God’s Word. John identifies with Jesus this same word. Jewish teachers called many things “light” (e.g., the righteous, the patriarchs, Israel, God). This term was most commonly applied to God’s law. It was a figure in the Old Testament. Notice Psalm 119:105 which says that God’s word is a lamp and light to one’s pathway.

Spiritual darkness could not take hold of the light. It had no power to overrule the spiritual light of Jesus Christ. The Dead Sea Scrolls speak of the forces of light and darkness. They were in mortal combat. Light always won the battle.

In summary, the remedy for sin is Jesus Christ. John 1:4. Death and darkness are the product of sin. The life and light found in Jesus is the product of salvation. This salvation finds its foundation in Jesus Christ. This speaks of soul salvation. The final point is the radiating of Christ. The light of Jesus Christ shines in the darkness dispelling the darkness. John 1:5. Note John 8:12 which speaks of this truth. The reaction to Christ is that darkness could not comprehend or overtake it. Darkness has to flee in the light of Jesus Christ. Therefore as believers, we have the victory over darkness because of Jesus Christ



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