John the Baptist



John 1:6-9

Part One

John the Baptist

John 1:6-9

The Gospel of John introduces John the Baptist. Remember John is not presenting John the Baptist, but Jesus Christ. John the Baptist’s life and ministry is fully discussed in Matthew 3:1-17 and Luke 3:2-20. He gives information on who he was. John the Baptist was sent from God. In other words, the original Greek word for “sent” is apostello. This means John had a special call upon his life from the Lord. John’s purpose was to be a witness (introducer) of the coming Messiah. He prepared the hearts and minds of people for the coming Messiah. Notice the word “witness” is used in verses 7 and 8. The word translated “witness” means in this context “one who speaks with knowledge and authority (certainty) and also one who has a great commitment to the message about Christ…” [Analytical Bible Expositor]



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