Receiving Encouragement for the Battle

Winning the victory over negative thoughts means you have to have positive words in your spirit. How do I get these “positive” words into my spirit? Reading Psalms and Proverbs is a start. Read one psalm for each day of the month. When you have finished Psalms, start reading Proverbs. Read one proverb for each day. You will be surprised how your spirit will soar as you feed it daily in these wonderful verses.


When I was a street pastor, I ministered to the homeless. They were my congregation. I read a psalm a day to them. Then I read a proverb a day. They were encouraged by what they heard. Through these daily readings, they found out how much the Lord came to the rescue of the distressed, discouraged, and downtrodden. By the way, we held service in the basement of the library! That eventually stopped because they would come to the library when there were no services or bible study!


We would sit on the New Haven Green when the weather was not harsh. We would have Bible study on the streets of New Haven, CT. It was wonderful. If you are feeling down, read these two books. Your victory is assured.


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