The Right Life Choice

It has been forty years since I gave my life to the Lord. I remember it like it was yesterday. I rode the public transportation every day to work. There was a young woman that I watched every day on my ride. She seemed different from all the other riders. She was very quiet. One day I decided to sit closer to her. It was Tuesday, and she invited me to her church. She said there was a Brotherhood Revival going on at her church. She invited me to the service. I told her I could not drive. She said she could pick me up for the service. I told her that I needed permission from my mother to attend the service. She gave me her phone number to call her with the answer.


When I got back home, I asked my mother if I could go to church with a woman named Mary Black. My mother said I could go. I called Mary to tell her that I could go to her church. Mary told me what time she would pick me up. I got ready for Mary to pick me up. I decided to wear a nice suit with a matching hat and matching shoes. I put on my makeup, and I felt excited about attending the revival.  


Mary came to my house and picked me up. She told me sometimes the church members got a little loud. I told her that was okay not knowing that I would be the one who would get loud.


As the minister preached his message, I began to cry never thinking of my makeup. I heard the Lord telling me that He was the One that I had been searching for all those years. I took my hat off slamming it on the pew that I was sitting on. I ran to the altar stepping over Mary’s feet. The preacher had not given altar call. The pastor met me at the altar. I will never forget what he did. He pulled his eyeglasses down to his nose. He looked down at me, and he asked me what I wanted. Through tears, I told him that I wanted to be baptized. He stood back looking at me. His wife called my mother to get her permission to baptize me. My mother gave consent. I was baptized on Tuesday night May 26.  I continued to go to that revival. Thursday night I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That Sunday May 29, I received the right hand of fellowship. For those who do not know what I mean, I joined the church.


I have had my difficulties through the years. God never left me. I may have left Him briefly, but He has always been there for me. I forgot to tell you about my boyfriend. This was the first boyfriend I had. I was nineteen at the time. He proposed to me, and I accepted. He had to pick up the diamond. I called him that Monday to share the good news. Guess what he said? “You go beat your tambourine.” He slammed the phone in my ear. I never heard from him again. Even though my heart was broken, I had made the right life choice.


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