The God of Hope Meets Your Need Part Two

#3 The Plow Anchor

-Usually massive and heavy, often able to swivel

-effective in rock, kelp, grass, weeds, sand, and mud (not heavy grass)


Jesus is our anchor.

Like the plow anchor, Jesus stabilizes us when all we can see all around us are problems. With its swivel capabilities, comes an agility and adeptness to anchor us through a variety of situations–poor choices…money problems…prodigal loved ones…painful losses. When our problems are perplexing…and what we see does not make sense, Jesus never fails to be our anchor.


Scriptural example:


Jesus had just fed the 5,000 (plus women and children). He leaves to go and pray alone. He sends His disciples by boat to Bethsaida. Jesus knows they do not understand the meaning of this miracle. They struggle against the winds, and Jesus comes walking out on the lake. They thought they saw a ghost. It was Jesus coming, and they were afraid. Jesus reassures them climbing into the boat. The winds cease.

Jesus proves Himself our personal anchor when we do not know how to think or what to do.



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