Lesson One Paragraph Five Part Two


In verse 34, John says “…the Son of God. This is the subject of this chapter. The Son of God manifested in the flesh!


http://ref.ly/1P1.19 testifies that Jesus is the lamb, which has no blemishes. Jesus was pure and sinless because He was born not of the flesh, but of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit infused in Mary’s womb the body that Jesus would dwell. Note http://ref.ly/Is53.1.  The arm of the Lord was revealed to John by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The Plan and Mind of God was revealed to John. The prophecy of http://ref.ly/Ge3.15 had been fulfilled. Jesus came to show the true meaning of the Law of Moses. He revealed the true meaning of the statutes of God without the implied interpretation of humans. He revealed the weakness of the law. Paul put it plainly, when he said that the law was our schoolmaster. The law could only point out the sin and its penalty. It could not save. Jesus came to reconcile humanity back to God. He closed the gap between God and humanity. Because of this we praise God!


John continues his witness by saying that Jesus is the one who is preferred before him. John says that Jesus was before him. These facts point to the fact that this man is the eternal Son of God manifested in the flesh. Without the revelation of God, John says he would never have known who the Son of God was without a sign. The sign was as follows:


“…Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost.”


 John saw exactly what God told him to look for. This same Jesus would baptize with the Holy Ghost. He testified that what he saw was a fulfillment of the Word that he received from God.


This is the second day of the week that the Apostle John recorded events concerning the coming of the Messiah. No doubt, some of the same committee members were present to hear John’s message. This time John called Jesus “the Lamb of God.” He would repeat it the next day. Note http://ref.ly/Jn1.35, http://ref.ly/Jn1.36.



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