Reconciliation Through Jesus Christ

Jesus was sent into the world to reveal the Father of all creation. Jesus delivered us from darkness, and we have been translated “into the kingdom of his dear Son.” It has pleased the Father that all the “fullness” of the Godhead be manifested through the revelation of His dear Son, Jesus Christ. Through Jesus’ shed blood on the Cross, peace was made with the Father. Through this act, Jesus united God and humanity. All things were reunited. We were once alienated (set apart) because we were enemies through our sinful, disobedient lives. We walked in wickedness. The natural mind of the unsaved sinner is at war with God. We have been reconciled in the body of Jesus’ flesh through His death. If we have confessed Jesus as our Lord and Savior, then we have been presented blameless, holy, and unreproveable in the Father’s eyes.

We have been accepted in the Beloved For this reason, God can call “us” His beloved Paul declared that “all fullness” comes from the Greek word pleroma. It was a technical term in the vocabulary of the gnostic false teachers. It meant “the sum total of all the divine power and attributes. [Bible Exposition Commentary New Testament, Volume 2 – Be Complete (Colossians) – Colossians – Chapter Four. Crown Him Lord of All! – He is Beloved of the Father (Col. 1:19-20), p. 118] This word is used eight times in this letter.

The word dwell is equally important. It means to “reside.” The form is a verb, and it means “to be at home permanently.” [Ibid.] This fullness was part of Jesus’ very essential Being. It was a part of His very constitution making it permanent! This proves that Jesus Christ is God. Note and

These verses prove that we have been placed into a special honor through our belief and faith in the finished work of Calvary. Calvary carried a lot of blessings that we are sometimes unaware of. For this reason, we should diligently study His Word. We must know without a doubt, what is ours through faith in Jesus Christ.


One thought on “Reconciliation Through Jesus Christ”

  1. Thank you for your post, and for the research that went into the post. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you.

    Pastor/Equipping The Saints


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