Lesson One Paragraph Six


This passage has to do with the revelation of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. This is the second day of the week that is recorded by John the Baptist. Some of the same committee members may have been there. This time Jesus is called the “Lamb of God.” This same title is repeated the next day. http://ref.ly/Jn1.35. The message of the Bible can be summed up in this title. asks http://ref.ly/Ge22.7 the question “Where is the lamb?” In the four Gospels, this is answered.http://ref.ly/Re5.12 “Behold the Lamb of God!” Here He is! Note which states, “Worthy is the Lamb!”

John gives the details of the manifestation of the Son of God. This event takes place on the next day. Jesus is announced by John the Baptist. The word “behold” means to take notice, look, be aware. This was the Lamb of God, which would take away the sin of the world. Note the word “sin.” It is not sins plural, but sin singular. Every person is born in “sin” and shapen in iniquity. http://ref.ly/Ps51.5Sin is the nature of the individual. When the individual sins, they are manifesting their sin nature. In verse 30, John states the eternalness of the Son of God. Jesus was and is before all things. John did not know Jesus but by the sign that God the Father gave him . Note verse 32, which reveals the sign that John, was given. The Spirit would come in the form of a dove which would descend upon Jesus. John tells what the Father told him in verse 33. John would not have known Jesus except he was given a sign to look for according to the Word of God. John the Baptist saw and witnessed the fulfillment of the Father’s words.

Since sacrifices and offerings were still being done, Israel was familiar with lambs. At Passover, a family had to have a lamb. Two lambs each day were sacrificed at the temple altar. There were lambs brought for personal sacrifice. These sacrifices involved men only. “…here is God’s Lamb, given by God to men!” [Bible Exposition Commentary (Be Series) – New Testament, p. 287] This Lamb would be slain for the world. Our sins would be forgiven finally. Note http://ref.ly/1Co5.7 . This reminds me of a certain hymn, and it goes like this:


Jesus paid it all!

All to Him I owe!

Sin had left a crimson stain!

Jesus washes white as snow!

Some may ask the question what does John’s baptism services have to do with Jesus as the Lamb of God. Biblical scholars agree that in the New Testament, baptism was by immersion. It was a picture of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. “When John the Baptist baptized Jesus, Jesus and John were picturing the “baptism” Jesus, would endure on the cross when He would http://ref.ly/Is53.7 die as the sacrificial Lamb of God.” [Ibid.] Note and . The death http://ref.ly/Lk12.50, burial and resurrection of Jesus as the Lamb of God would “fulfill all righteousness. . http://ref.ly/Mt3.15

John the Baptist was well known now. John also knew that his ministry end with the introduction of Jesus Christ. He would decrease, and Jesus would increase. John the Baptist was truly humble. Are we this humble when we minister? Do we give God the praise when those who have been ministered to praise us? That is something to think about. Isn’t it? We must be content to do the will of the Father giving the glory to Him.



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