The Nobleman’s Son was not Exempt


The Nobleman’s Son was not Exempt



Jesus has just completed a great mission in Samaria. After He saved the woman at the well, a revival breaks out in the city. The Samaritans believed in Jesus. Verses 39-41. Jesus departs and returns to Cana. We can learn important lessons concerning faith.




Jesus returns to Cana of Galilee. This is where He turned the water into wine. Jesus returns with the possible purpose of cultivating the seed that had been planted at the wedding feast. He was well received there. V. 45.

A nobleman hears of Jesus’ return to the area. The nobleman travels twenty miles from Capernaum to ask the Lord to heal his dying son. Would we take such a trip to seek healing for our loved one? Would we be that desperate to seek out the man or woman of God? He knows that his money would not heal his son, but maybe the man called Jesus could do it. This is called “crisis faith.” Have you ever experienced “crisis faith?” People do experience this kind of crisis today.


We should never give up praying for a lost relative. We should never give up on seeking healing for a loved one. A crisis can soften a hardened heart. It will send them to their knees. This was a request that came from a nobleman who was a father.


One of the first things that this passage teaches is the fact that nobody is exempt from sickness. Sickness is not avoidable to anybody. It has nothing to do with age. Age has nothing to do with death. Abel died at a young age. He was a son, not a father. We cannot fall into the trap of thinking that we will live long lives. We do not know when our number will be called. It could happen in the next few minutes. Sickness and death is closer than we think. For this reason, we should thank God at the end of the day that we are still alive and well. If we are sick, we should thank God that we are still alive! For this reason, we should be prepared for eternity. We should make sure our lives and relationships are right with God.


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