Some of you may never have heard of a microchip. It is important for you to understand the consequences of this tiny chip. Years ago, I read some information on the microchip. It was being invented in order to keep track of animals. A well-known Christian author whose name evades me at the present time, wrote about the invention of the microchip. He stated that it would be developed with the intention of it being entered into the foot of all newborn babies. This would not be introduced immediately. It was to become a part of a plan to help us to take care of our animals. The owner of the animal (dogs and cats) would have the chip inserted into the neck of the animal. This would help track down the animal if it got lost or stolen. It was highly received by the public.

Its true usage would be that of being able to track humans. Like I said earlier, it would be eventually introduced into human babies. When the child was born, it would receive the chip into his/her foot. This would be a normal thing done after the birth of the baby. I do not remember how it would be introduced to adult humans.

I have said all this to let you know what the government plans to do concerning the “microchip.” I will continue to publish information on this as the news continues to write on it.

We are encouraged to continue to learn what the government is introducing into society. We must be on the “alert” especially when we see the Day of the Lord approaching!


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