Understanding the Bible

I just opened a daily devotional by Dr. Charles Stanley. It discusses understanding the Bible. He is amazed that there are believers who did not understand the Bible. I am amazed also! We carry our Bibles to church, but we do not understand its contents. How much time do we spend reading the Bible with a prayerful heart? How do we approach the Word of God? With an attentive heart and open spirit? If the Bible is our map to our glorious savior, how much traveling have we done since we gave our lives to Jesus Christ?

I am concerned that we are spiritually starving ourselves on our precious journey. The Bible is filled with the promises of God. Promises that will help us on our earthly journey. Do we realize that we are citizens of heaven? Do we realize that we are sojourners with Christ? When was the last time God spoke to us through His Word? Are we hearing the Voice of God, or are we pretending to hear? When was the last time you heard from God? Was it His words or your thoughts?

The Word of God is powerful. It gives spiritual insight and knowledge. It gives us the strength to walk day by day. It encourages us when live seems to giving us a raw deal.

How much time are we really spending with the Lord, and hear His Voice in His written World? The Bible is God’s Love Letter to us. How often are we seeking to read this precious Love Letter?

I know I have asked you many questions in this writing, but I am concerned. If you are discouraged, encouragement comes from the Word of God. Please do not be slack concerning your reading of the Bible. If you ask the Lord to help you understand His Word, then you must ask in faith believing that God will help you in this area. It is time that we place the Word of Hope and Healing in our hearts. We may find ourselves living and growing by faith when we take time to talk to the Lord of our lives concerning His Word. Be encouraged! Develop a relationship with the Lord by reading His love letter. There is much that you have to learn about the Father. Speak it into your life so that it will become a part of you. That is where you will not become discouraged nor clouded in your spiritual eyes.


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