Jesus and the Wedding

Virgins got married on Wednesdays, and widows got married on Thursdays. Since this wedding happened on a Wednesday, the bride was a virgin. What I do want you to know is that this was not an elaborate wedding. It was a simple wedding among those who were not wealthy. Most weddings lasted approximately one week. The groom was in charge of making sure there was enough food to last the whole week. If he did not provide for the necessary amount of food, he would pay for it socially and financially.

When Mary found out that they did not have enough wine, she turned to Jesus for help. Mary may have been in charge of helping with the serving of the food. This is unclear. Biblical scholars surmise on this fact.

This was the first miracle that Jesus did. Why would Jesus perform His first miracle at a wedding? I do not have the answer for it yet. I will teach this part in the longer version of these verses. I know it is something that you are asking concerning these verses. You also may be asking how much water did the water pots hold, and why were they for purifying. I will cover this in the longer version of this text. I know you will enjoy the longer version because it will answer some lingering questions in your mind.


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