The Wedding Day

Day of Wedding

Jewish tradition required virgins to be married on a Wednesday. Widows were married on Thursday. The reason for this law was the Sanhedrin (the Jewish judicial body). [Ibid.] It held court twice a week. They met on the second day, which was Monday. They also met on the fifth day, which was Thursday. If there was a problem concerning the virginity of the bride, the husband could meet with the Sanhedrin the next day. Jesus was on a divine schedule according to the will of the Father. This was the seventh day of John’s special week. Jesus was expected to rest. Genesis 2:1-3. Sin interrupted God’s Sabbath rest. It was necessary for both Father and Son to work. John 5:17; 9:4. Jesus did two miracles on the Sabbath day. John 5; 9.

Jesus the Son verses 3-5

Why did Mary approach Jesus about the wine? They had run out of wine. Wine was essential at a Jewish wedding. No wine meant no joy. Hospitality was a sacred thing in the Middle East. To run out meant humiliation. Did she expect Jesus to do something special to meet this need? She knew Who He was, but she did not declare this truth. It was not her place to make such a bold announcement. She had to be very close to the bride or groom in order to make such a request to her son. Else, why should she show such concern about the wine? How did she know the wine was depleted unless she had such a relationship with the couple? It may have been that she was held responsible for the food and drink. These are only assumptions.

It should be noted that Mary did not tell Jesus what to do. Rather, she told Him of the problem. It is noted that Jesus’ response was a bit abrupt–even harsh. “Woman” was a polite way to address her. John 19:26; 20:13. What Jesus said was “Why are you getting me involved in this matter? [Ibid.] Was Jesus saying that He was no longer under her supervision, but that He would be doing the Father’s will from then on? I believe this verse is something that we must seek the mind of God. There is a hint of this some years before as seen in Luke 2:40-52.

Lessons to be learned from this Text

The couple that makes Jesus a part of their ceremony makes the Lord first in their home. This is a wise choice.

Make sure your wedding glorifies Christ.

The bride should make sure her bridesmaids and the bride are covered. Sensuality should not be a part of the believer’s ceremony. Modesty should be the key and tone.

Don’t serve liquor at the reception.

Marry a believer. Do not marry a backslidden individual. This choice could drag you done, and cause you to leave the church.

John refers to Mary as the mother of Jesus. John never mentions Mary by name in his writings. This is very important. Why would John downplay her role? She is not to be worshiped. She is not divine.

Cultic errors concerning the worship of the mother of God were already developing in the church at the time of this writing.


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