Wedding at Cana

The Wedding John 2:1-2, 11

This was to be the first of many miracles in the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. Jesus turns the water into wine at the wedding feast. Many miracles that Jesus performed are not recorded in the gospels. See John 21:25. The Bible lists 35-recorded miracles of Jesus Christ. It is the day the water blushed. [Mattoon’s Treasures, Treasures from John Volume 1 – Chapter 9. The Day the Water Blushed, p. 60] This story is filled with practical truths and insights. {See next blog.} This “third day” refers to the day after Christ had called Nathanael to become one of His disciples.  The recording of the dates shows that the record concerning the life and ministry of Jesus Christ is not haphazardly recorded. It has a sequence of time that it follows.

The Community

Cana was a small town located a few miles north of Nazareth about 10 to 15 miles west of the Sea of Galilee. It was found in the provision of Galilee. It is always distinguished from another Cana (Kanah) spoken of in the Old Testament which is found in the region of Syria. (Joshua 19:28). It was Nathanael’s home town.

Christ works His wonders for the lowly and the humble. They are filled with faith. Jesus can perform miracles in the midst of a believing crowd. This is an important fact to realize because He went to some places, and it is noted that Jesus “could not do many miracles there.” Where there was arrogance and celebrities, there was no faith. There existed pride and unbelief.

The Practice of the Celebration

Marriage practices among the Jews of that time were elaborate. The celebration could last as long as a week. It was also called a marriage feast. To run out of wine was no small matter. The groom had to have adequate food to last almost a week. For the groom to run out of wine near the beginning of the celebration would be embarrassing. Note that such a problem would cause the family to be “guilty of such gaucherie could actually be fined!” [Bible Exposition Commentary (Be Series) – New Testament, Volume 1 – Be Alive (John 1-12 John – Chapter Two. Learning About Jesus – His Glory (John 2:1-12) p. 290] To run out of wine or food would be costly both financially and socially.

The People at the Celebration

Note John 1:1-2. The mother of Jesus along with Jesus and his disciples were at the celebration. We do not know who was getting married. Why would the father of the bride invite Jesus and His disciples to the wedding? Was it because Nathanael knew Jesus? Jesus was not well known at this time. It may have been His relationship to Mary that He received an invitation to the wedding. The important thing in this recording is the fact that this was Jesus’ first miracle. The fact that Jesus, His disciples along with His mother is mentioned bears out the point that their guests were individuals of character. Even though there were individuals of character there, this does not mean they were rich. This bears out the fact that it is important to have Jesus Christ in the marriage. When Jesus is not invited, He will not bless the union. The blessing of Jesus is seen when He gives them the best wine at the beginning of the celebration.






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