Divine Anger The Passover

Scriptural Passage: http://ref.ly/Jn2.13-17


The Passover is beginning, and Jesus goes to Jerusalem. When Jesus arrives, He finds merchants selling their wares in the temple. We are introduced to Divine Anger as Jesus clears the temple of these “merchants and their wares. There are all kinds of “wares” being hawked for sale. Their purpose is to sell animals for the offerings and sacrifices. Their prices are high. This section ends with the fulfillment of http://ref.ly/Ps69.9. The use of wine, of sauce with the bitter herbs , and the service of praise were introduced http://ref.ly/Jn13.26.

Deeper in the Passage

The Passover

This was the name given to the chief of the three great historical annual festivals of the Jews. It was kept in remembrance of the Lord’s passing over the houses of the Israelites. http://ref.ly/Ex12.13 The firstborn of the Egyptians were destroyed while the Israelites’ firstborn were spared. It is also called the “feast of unleavened bread” http://ref.ly/Ex23.15, http://ref.ly/Mk14.1, http://ref.ly/Ac12.3. During the celebration no leaven bread was to be eaten or even kept in the household http://ref.ly/Ex12.15. This word came to denote the lamb that was slain at the feast http://ref.ly/Mk14.12-15 and http://ref.ly/1Co5.7. See http://ref.ly/Ex12 and http://ref.ly/Ex13. Later it was incorporated in the ceremonial law http://ref.ly/Le23.4-8. It was and is one of the great festivals of Israel. [Easton’s Illustrated Dictionary]



Please compare http://ref.ly/Dt16.2,http://ref.ly/Dt16.5,http://ref.ly/Dt16.6,http://ref.ly/2Ch30.16, http://ref.ly/Le23.10-14.


For more information on the lamb that was slain, please read Addendum 1: The Slain Lamb

Note the phrase “went up to Jerusalem.” http://ref.ly/Jn2.13 Jesus traveled south to Jerusalem. The reason why it is stated “went up” was because Jerusalem was located up geographically. This consisted of a distance of 75-90 miles. This depended upon what roads He would travel. This was a long journey since it was done by foot. Jesus shows His devotion to spiritual matters. A devoted person would make their way to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. This teaches us that we should have the same devotion for spiritual matters no matter how far we have to travel. http://ref.ly/Jn2.14 This scripture shows that Jesus was not distracted by anybody or anything. He went straight to the temple.

When Jesus arrives at the temple, He does not find the usual events happening at the temple. Instead of people quietly offering their sacrifices and preparing for sacrifice and offering, Jesus sees merchants selling animals and birds.



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