Given a New Gift

I wanted to share with you my new gift that the Lord has given me. One of the women here said she liked the abstract painting that I had done. I was asked to paint a picture of a tulip. I said okay before I could think about it! I went into heavy prayer mode! Goodness—did I ever seek the Lord on this! You see, I don’t paint pictures and I don’t draw. I sought the Lord’s will on this. I did not have any confidence in myself in this area. At one of the Ladies’ Prayer Meetings, which happen on Thursdays, I got my answer. The pastor’s wife saw me painting outside under a tree. That was my answer!

I painted the background of the picture purple. The flower was a tulip in yellow. It looks great, and the person that commissioned me to do it likes it a lot! Last night, I was thinking about what I would paint next. You see, I have five 8×10 canvas panels left to paint on. I saw a cross in my mind. Last night, for someone who can’t draw or paint, I managed to draw a cross! I decided to give each section a color. It will be a red cross on a navy blue background with rays the color of yellow.

When you pray about something, don’t panic. Pray! God will hear your sincere cry…He will answer by and by! Let that prayer wheel turn. Know that your prayer is answered! Wait patiently for the answer from the Lord, and you will never go wrong…


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