Introduction to Anger

Foundation Chapter


Anger will make you run if you do not master it. Case in point. Moses. Moses was delivered from being killed when he was a baby. His mother saw that he was a good child She placed him in a basket, and she told her daughter to see what would happen to her baby boy. One day while the baby basket was a float, the daughter of Pharaoh heard the baby crying. She took the baby as her own. She named the child Moses which means drawn from the water. He grew up in the Egyptian palace learning the ways, religion and language of the Egyptians. One day he saw “an Egyptian smiting an Hebrew, one of his brethern.” In his rage, Moses kills the Egyptian, and one of his brethern sees the whole thing. Verse 13 says that Moses went out among his brethern, and he is approached by the one who saw the killing. There was an argument between two individuals. He asked the man who was hurting the other why he is striving against his own brother. Note He wanted to know if Moses was going to kill him like he killed and hid the body of the Egyptian. Moses’ action is found out, and he runs for his life. This is being overcome with anger. Cain killed Abel because he allowed his anger to overcome him. He killed his own brother.

Moses’ life reveals the power and the potential problems that arise when anger goes unchecked. Have you found yourself in this position? Did you do something in your anger, and later you lived to regret it? Anger is a strong emotion, but we can have the victory over it. You place yourself in the position of making a choice to “act wisely or to react foolishly.” [Biblical Counseling Library, Anger – Introduction, p. 2] When we read Exodus 2, we find that Moses did both! There is hope because you can learn how to act instead of reacting. Note



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