Jesus and the False Shepherds

I realize that I did not complete the last lesson on Cleaning the Temple. I would like to complete these scriptures before going on the final verses of John 2.

Notice Jesus gives them a sign, but they cannot comprehend the meaning of it. They thought He meant the physical temple, and not the spiritual temple. Notice their response. The Jews said it took them forty-six years to build the temple–the physical temple. They said how it could be raised in three days. This is not the only place that the Jews did not comprehend what Jesus was saying. This only shows that they were spiritually blind.

Jesus was speaking of His body. For in three days, He did rise from the dead. He would drop this robe of flesh and receive His glorified body. The purpose of the physical body would be complete when Jesus died on the Cross. Verse 21 reveals the real meaning of this verse. Note His disciples did not understand it either. This verse came to their mind when Jesus rose from the dead. This caused the disciples to believe in Jesus even more.

Worship would not be in a physical building, but in a spiritual building called the Church.

The condition of the temple was a vivid picture of the spiritual condition of the nation. Their spiritual life was a dull routine. It was presided over by worldly-minded men. Their only purpose seemed to be leading the people by crooked means. “Not only had the wine run out at the wedding feast but the glory had departed from the temple.” [Bible Exposition Commentary (BE Series) – New Testament, Vol. 1 – Be Alive –John 1-12 – John -Chapter Two-Learning About the Messiah, p. 292]

They were false shepherds, and they were leading the people away from the original commandments and statutes of God.  See also These false shepherds exploited the people. Jesus declared war on the hypocritical religious leaders. This led to His death.

Jesus refused to give them a sign. He did mention Jonah.



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