More than Signs and Miracles

During the days of the Passover, Jesus gained many people because they believed in the miracles. Jesus was careful not to commit Himself to these individuals because He knew what was in their heart.

These verses reveal the knowledge of Jesus concerning the men of that time. It should be noted that Jesus did miracles that are not listed in the text. It may have been these miracles that drew Nicodemus to Jesus. Jesus did not accept their profession because He knew they would turn against Him.

John was not discrediting the importance of our Lord’s signs. He wrote his book to record these signs and to encourage his readers to trust Jesus Christ and receive eternal life.

John is careful in his gospel to say that it takes more than just believing in the miracles to be saved. This would be a great beginning. The disciples began to believe in Jesus when they saw the miracles and signs done. They had to grow in faith and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. We have to take the same journey.

There is one thing that should be noted here, and that is the miracles divided people–especially the Jews. While individuals like Nicodemus was drawn to Jesus, and the religious leaders hated Jesus even more! They wanted to kill Him! They went so far as to say that He was performing these miracles through the power of Satan! These miracles served as testimonies to the character and truthfulness of Jesus Christ. They revealed His Sonship. They also exposed the heart of people.

One final note before we end Chapter 2. Jesus tied His miracles to the truth of His message. “The human heart is attracted to the sensation.” [Ibid.]

Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ!

The human heart is attracted to the sensational!

In grace, Jesus fed the hungry

He taught the Word with life-given love and compassion!

He knew what was inside man! Note Nathanael, the Samaritan woman, Peter, the Jewish leaders!



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