Anger has Many Degrees

Anger has many degrees. It ranges from mild, controlled irritations to hot, uncontrolled explosions. Anger is a wide umbrella word that covers many levels of the emotion. [David R. Mace, Love & Anger in Marriage (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1982), 42-45.] Note

Indignation–this is simmering anger provoked by something appearing unjust or unworthy and often perceived as justified. Jesus became “indignant” when the disciples were preventing parents from bringing their children to Jesus so that He might touch and bless them.

Wrath–this is burning anger, which is accompanied by a desire to avenge. (Remember–vengeance is mine saith the Lord.) Wrath moves from the emotion of anger to the outward expression of anger. God expresses His wrath as divine judgment on those who commit willful sin.

Fury is so fierce that it destroys common sense. This word suggests a powerful force compelled to harm or destroy. There were some members of the Sanhedrin. They were so angry with Peter and the other apostles for proclaiming that Jesus was God that they were furious… Note the following verse concerning this…

Rage is blazing anger, which results in loss of self-control, often to the extreme of violence and temporary insanity. After this happens, how many times have you heard the individual say “I can’t believe I did that!” Those who suffer with this type of anger vent their rage toward others, which includes God. They find themselves defeated by their own destructive decisions and ruined relationships.



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