Nicodemus and the Wind

The Wind

Jesus and Nicodemus might have been sitting on the housetop as the conversation continued. Jesus used the wind to continue His teaching. The word “wind” is both the Hebrew and Greek language is translated “spirit.” It is one of the symbols of the Spirit of God found in the Bible. Both wind and breath are used in,, The wind is invisible, but it is powerful. This is the same with the Spirit of God. The move of the wind cannot be predicted. Neither can the move of the Spirit of God.

When Jesus used this illustration, Nicodemus should have remembered Ezekiel saw a valley of dry bones. After Ezekiel was told to prophesy to the wind, the Spirit came and gave those dead bones life. It is important for you to see the connection between the Spirit of God and Word of God giving life. Nicodemus and his associates were dead and hopeless. They still needed life even though their morality and religion was being followed. The law and commandments did not bring spiritual life. They needed the life that comes through faith in Jesus Christ.

The new birth from above is a necessity. Jesus says, “Ye must be born again.” It is also a mystery. The Spirit is like the wind. It coming cannot be explained or predicted like the wind. It moves, but it cannot know how it starts. Even human birth is a mystery. In spite of all we know, and the masses of knowledge that humanity possesses; nobody can say what causes a woman to go into labor. There are attempts to explain why the body goes into labor, but the efforts are weak. Each newborn baby is exciting and different.

Even though Nicodemus may have known the scripture concerning Ezekiel and this event, he was still spiritually blind. The teacher of the Jews knew the facts recorded in the Old Testament, but its truths were hidden from him. To know and to understand are two different things.

Jesus told them that He used earthly illustrations, and yet they did not understand. They could not grasp the meaning of His teachings. He could not share the deep spiritual truths because their finite minds could not grasp those things that were spiritual.



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