The Bridegroom and the Bride

What, if any, is the meaning behind the bridegroom and the bride? This is what this lesson is about. I would like to say that scriptural passages like this one should never be overlooked. It should not be treated like the Old and New Testament genealogies. Whatever is recorded in the Bible has a definite purpose. We are to seek out its meaning in order to understand why it was included in the text.

The following information is taken from Bible Exposition Commentary (BE Series) – New Testament.

The image of the Bridegroom would have been of significance to the Jewish people. Jehovah had a “marriage covenant” with the nation;;,, Israel had been unfaithful to her vows. God had put her away temporarily. Today, God is calling out a people for His Name. It is the church which is the bride of Christ Note the following verses: and The day is approaching when the Bridegroom will come to take His Bride (the church) home in Heaven. and



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