Incident At the Well Part One


A brief review of our previous lesson is necessary as an introduction to this lesson. Jesus and John the Baptist were the focus of the religious leaders. These two ministries were placed in a competitive view from the Pharisees. Even though this happened, these two ministries continued. This lesson will deal with Jesus having a conversation with the woman at the well. As you recall, Jesus is on a Divine schedule. He needed to travel through Samaria where this woman lived. Even Jesus’ disciples did not understand why He was conversing with this Samaritan woman. The Samaritans were shunned by the Israelites because they were considered to be half-breeds. Jews had married Gentiles. Therefore, full-blooded Jews hated them. This is where we begin our study.

When He arrived at Samaria, He came to the city named Sychar. This was a parcel of land given by Jacob to his son Joseph. Jacob’s well was located there. At this time, Jesus was weary. Therefore, He sat down by the well. Some have disputed as to what is meant by the sixth hour. Some say it was noontime while other scholars say it was in the evening. At that time, a woman arrived to get water. Jesus asks her to give Him some water. Verse 8 states that Jesus was alone because His disciples left him in order to go to purchase some food.

The woman responds to Jesus by asking why He speaks to her considering she is a Samaritan and He is a Jew. Jesus does not respond to her question. Instead He says to her if she knew the gift of God, and who is speaking to her, then she would ask Him of the water that He has that is available to her. She would receive living water. The subject of “living water” will be discussed later.



Scholars vary on the interpretation of what the “sixth hour” means. Some say it is noontime while others say it was evening time. The reason some say it was the evening time is based upon the fact that women could only come to the well at this hour. This is especially true of Samaritan women. Jesus knew that this was the place that He would meet this woman. He did not tell His disciples this because He moved on God’s Divine schedule. This is something that I want you to keep in mind. When we are on God’s Divine schedule, we will meet certain people in certain areas for the purpose of witnessing to them.

The disciples went to the nearby town for food while Jesus stayed at the well. He was weary, hungry and thirsty. John presents Jesus as a true man. Jesus entered into the normal experiences of humanity. He was able to identify with us in all aspects of life.

It should be noted that as Jesus interviews this woman, her spiritual knowledge increases. She finally acknowledges Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Through our testimony and witness, those whom we come in contact with should grow in knowledge and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.



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