Incident at the Well Part Two


He is a Jew


During that time, it was not considered proper for any man, especially a rabbi, to speak in public to a strange woman. When it came to the earthly ministry of Jesus, He set social customs aside. Jesus was out of the norm. He broke many man-made laws and customs. He introduced love and compassion in a world that was custom and law driven. This woman’s soul was at stake. It surprised her when Jesus asked her for a drink of water. This woman thought Jesus was a Jewish rabbi. She was attempting to read between the lines. She thought there was another meaning behind His request. She wondered what He was really seeking.


The information John gives at the end of was to benefit the Gentile readers of this gospel. Since the disciples went in town to purchase food, Jews did limited dealing with the Samaritans. Note what the Bible Exposition Commentary says, “ask no favors from the Samaritans” or use no vessels in common with the Samaritans.” Jesus asked the woman to give Him water from her “polluted” vessel. [Ibid.] Jesus was raising the standard.


Jesus used His need for water as a way of starting a conversation with this woman. He opened the door of truth in order to share the good news with her. Have we ever taken the time to use the “door of opportunity” to share the good news of Jesus Christ with someone? On the other hand, have we silenced ourselves when it came to sharing our faith in Jesus Christ? Notice that Jesus did not use a “template” to witness to her. Every individual we meet is just that “an individual.” We should not have a certain witness plan to witness about our faith and belief in Jesus Christ. We should be flexible enough to meet the individual where they are. This means knowing verses in the Bible that will suit the individual. It also means being prayerful when approaching somebody for the gospel’s sake. An example of this is when Jesus dealt with Nicodemus. To him he taught about the new birth while He dealt with this woman about living water.


Jesus did not “preach” to her. Instead, He dealt with three areas of ignorance without making her feel like nothing. Here are those areas where she was dealt with:


Who He was

What He had to offer

How she could receive it


Plain and simple without being “theologically correct.” I am not speaking against theology, but we should make the message simple to understand. Jesus was offering her eternal life. She was just as blind as the Jews The words that Jesus spoke aroused her interest. She pursued the topic. The “open door.”



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