Greater than Jacob


The Samaritan woman wondered how Jesus was going to get the water that He spoke of. As far as this woman was concerned, He had no visible way of getting any water. She thought He was speaking of natural water, but Jesus was speaking of “living” water. Spiritual water–not natural water. This is another example of how people did not understand the words that Jesus spoke. She was in the same condition that the religious leaders were in.

Jesus was and is greater than Jacob. He created Jacob! Jesus is greater than the well water! Read what Jesus’ response is concerning how she is thinking. Note John 4:13-14. “Whoever continues to drink of this material water (or anything the world has to offer) will thirst again. But whosoever takes one drink of the water I give will never thirst again!” The lessons here are that what the world offers is temporary, and it cannot satisfy. What Jesus has to offer is permanent and it will satisfy!

The word “life” is a key word in John’s gospel. This word is used thirty-six times in his text. “Campbell Morgan has pointed out that mankind needs air, water, and food in order to have life.” [Bible Exposition Commentary (BE Series) – New Testament] Humanity also needs light. Before Jesus came, we lived in spiritual darkness. We walked in spiritual darkness. When Jesus came, He brought true light, and it shines in every believer.


He is the breath (Spirit) of God and

He is the Bread of Life

He is the Light of Life


All of these are eternal. He is the Giver of Eternal Life.


Although the woman asked for this water, she did not understand what she was asking for. She heard the Word, but it fell on shallow ground. What came up had no roots. See and 21. She made some progress, but she still had a long way to go. The Light sprang forth slowly but surely. Jesus dealt with her patiently. Light would come as He led the way.



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