Jesus the Prophet

This woman heart needed to be plowed up with conviction. This is why Jesus asked her get her husband. She was forced into admitting her sin. Without conviction there can be no conversion. Conviction and repentance come first. This brings saving faith. Jesus aroused her mind about her present spiritual condition. Her emotions were stirred. Her conscience had to be stirred. This meant dealing with her sin.


She said that she had no husband. She was under conviction. There were no excuses. This was the Divine plan for her life. It was her turn to be shown the right way to the Father. She then tried to get away from what she was feeling then. She changed the subject. She discussed the difference between the Jewish and Samaritan religions. She hoped this would serve as a detour, and the emotions she felt would subside. Despite this, Jesus remained in control of the conversation.


When I was being trained in how to be an effective witness for the Lord, dealing with detours was something I had to learn. I was told that people would attempt to change the subject when they felt conviction. I was told to bring the conversation back to the Bible and witnessing. People did try to change the subject with me. They made valiant efforts, but I remembered what I had been taught. I was also taught to be gentle and patient like Jesus was with this woman.


It was easier for her to discuss religion rather than deal with her sin! Jesus revealed her spiritual ignorance. She did not know the following:


1. She did not know who to worship

2. She did not know where to worship

3. She did not know how to worship


Jesus made it clear that all religions are not equal especially when compared with the true worship found in God the Father. There are some worshipers act in ignorance and unbelief. This woman was ignorant to the truth and what it means to really worship.


The accepted faith is that which came through the Jews. The Bible is of Jewish origin, and our Savior was a Jew. The first Christians were Jewish. Only those who have the indwelling Holy Spirit. Those who obey the Truth can worship God acceptably.

Jesus said that worship would no longer be limited to the Jewish temple. This is tied in with and Stephen’s statement in, a new birth, and new water Jews reading this Gospel should realize that God has established in Jesus Christ a whole new economy. The Old Covenant Law has been fulfilled.


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