God Is Spirit


If you read this verse the way it is written, you will find the letter “a” before the word “Spirit.” God is “a” Spirit. God is not one spirit among many. God is Spirit is a truth. It is reality. This is what is known as a declaration of God’s invisible nature. Psalm 139 says that wherever a person goes, God is there. God is omnipresent. Everywhere present. Am I driving home this point good enough? Worship of God can only be done through the One (Jesus) who expresses God’s invisible nature http://ref.ly/Jn1.18. By virtue of the Holy Spirit who opens to a believer the new realm of the kingdom http://ref.ly/Jn3.5f and http://ref.ly/Jn7.38f.



The Samaritans expected a messianic leader. They did not expect Him to come from the Davidic line. They had rejected the Old Testament except the Pentateuch. Their belief was based upon http://ref.ly/Dt18.15-18. They expected a Moses-type messiah who would take care of all their problems. They did not expect Him to come from the tribe of Judah.



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