How would You Respond?

Here was this woman, a Samaritan, being spoken to by the Christ! What would I have done if I was speaking to the Christ during such a time as this? She did not even know Who He really was! She had to be introduced to Him. How would I have responded when He told me He was the Christ? There are many questions that flow through my mind right now. I do not even know how to answer them. Maybe I would be floored. Maybe I would be silent. Would I be in awe? I have no idea…but this I know…I would be completely different. Changed forever if I met Jesus Christ in person like this woman did.

What would you do if Jesus came to you? Do you know how you would respond to His message of love and mercy? I know this is a difficult question to answer. All I would want you to do is ponder it as I prepare the next lesson on John 4.

See you soon!


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