True Worship

Notice that the woman who was a Samaritan had no name. Her name was not important to John’s record. What was important was the fact that this Gentile received the good news from her Redeemer. The Savior of the World came to her personally. I know I sound like the previous post, but I am in awe right now. What a privilege! What a gift of unexpected love and compassion! Well on to the lesson.


This woman knew the prophecy that the Messiah was coming, but she did not know He would come in her lifetime. She also knew He would reveal the hearts of humanity. It is unsure how she knew this, but she had the seed planted in her heart. Now that she stood in front of that promise, she would never be the same. That seed would bring forth fruit. He told her that He was the One she had been waiting for.


Before going on, I would like to go over Jesus’ words in I believe we should take another look at this passage. There are important statements made by Jesus in this portion of scripture.


The woman said that she recognized the fact that Jesus was a prophet. She goes on to say that her fathers worshipped in this mountain located in Samaria. Notice she is attempting to make a detour from the subject of her sin. Jesus responds by saying that worship in the future will not be at the mountain nor at Jerusalem. These were places of worship before Jesus’ coming. Jesus came to translate people from going to an earthly place of worship to a spiritual place of worship. Verse 21. God’s Name shall be known among all Gentiles. This is the promised revelation.


All people will worship God in spirit and truth. There will be no offerings and sacrifices. These things were only types and shadows of what was to come. These sacrifices and offerings fell short of cleansing the offerer. They were given to cover the sin of the offerer, but their conscience was not changed. This verse says that Jesus’ blood purged one’s conscience from dead works. The believer is truly cleansed from their sin. They are made white by the blood of the Lamb of God.


The coming death of Jesus Christ would institute a new type of worship. In Spirit and in Truth. To worship in Spirit is to worship in the new realm which God has revealed to people. To worship in truth is to worship God through Jesus. Worship would no longer be centered in temples. The Father is seeking true worshipers because He wants people to live in reality, not falsehood. The Bride of Christ, which consists of believers, will be the temple. Paul tells us that we are the temple of Jesus Christ. See also I Cor 3:16-17, 19.


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