Being an Effective Witness

The Samaritan woman says that there is word that the Messiah shall come. She does not realize that He is standing in front of her until Jesus makes the declaration. What you should is the fact that Jesus does not declare Who He is before the religious leaders. The religious leaders should have known Who He was based upon their knowledge of the scriptures. Because of political implications, Jesus does not reveal Himself to the people. He used the title “Son of Man” instead. Danger of revolt did not exist with the Samaritans.

When the woman heard this, she was converted. Her conversion made her become an immediate witness. What did you do when you were converted? Did you seek to tell all what you had heard and done? This woman did not think about the fact that the men might not listen to her. One thing I would like to point out is the fact that women were not treated with respect. Why would she think that the men in her city would listen to her? She did not care. She wanted to share the good news whether they would listen or not. All she knew was what Jesus had said to her. Although her knowledge was limited, that did not stop her from witnessing in her city.

She left her waterpot. Why would she do this? She had found the living water. She heard of water that would cause her to never thirst. She ran with the intention of coming back to Jesus. Jesus broke down the racial barriers, and He ministered to a woman. He laid aside all cultural and social barriers to be a witness to this woman and the world. No wonder He had to go through Samaria!

There is another point that I want to bring out. Jesus took His time with this woman. He did not rush her into a decision. He dealt with her on her level. He slowly revealed the truth to her. Even though she attempted to detour the conversation, Jesus gently put the conversation back on track. He brought her to a decision of salvation by helping her recognize her sin. He did not jump down her throat. He did not bully her. He explained the truth, and through His loving kindness, mercy and compassion, she came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Is that what we do when we are witnessing to someone? Are we patient and gentle with them like Jesus was with this woman? Are we willing to witness to someone who is a foreigner knowing that Jesus died for him or her as well? These are questions you must ask yourself.



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