Leading A Soul to Salvation


The disciples came with food from the city. They saw Jesus talking to the woman, but they did not ask Him anything about it. They are beginning to understand that Jesus does things outside the norm. Jesus tells them that He has meat that they know nothing about. Once again, they did not understand what He was talking about. Jesus was speaking of the meat of obedience and following the Father’s will. In this case, Jesus was speaking of the Father’s will. He was leading the woman to salvation. This was true nourishment for His soul. He was satisfied with accomplishing the Father’s work. Is this the nourishment that we seek when opportunity knocks? Is what we are doing bringing satisfaction spiritually? If not, we are not doing the will of the Father. This is another question we should be asking ourselves. Are we walking in the will of the Father?

Jesus did not see His witnessing to this woman as a heavy burden. What He was doing came naturally. Are we doing what would come naturally in the spiritual sense? If so, then we are living according to the will of the Father. Note http://ref.ly/Ps40.8. The Samaritan woman was doing the will of the Father, and its fruit was manifested in her village’s response. Our lives should be filled with excitement and enrichment. Jesus makes the change from food to that of a harvest.



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