The Nobleman’s Faith

Once again, Jesus is on the move. In His earthly ministry, He does not allow Himself to be distracted. He is on a Divine time line. After staying at Samaria for two days, he moves on to Galilee. His movements take Him back to Cana. Galilee was known as “Galil ha goyim–Galilee of the Gentiles.” [Bible Exposition Commentary (BE Series) – New Testament Volume 1 – Be Alive (John 1-12 – John – Chapter Four, p. 302] It seemed as though Jesus detected in Judea hostility toward Him. The religious leaders of Judea were upset with Jesus for ministering outside the norm. Real opposition would not manifest itself for some months. In Judea, He was known as the Prophet from Galilee and The response in Jerusalem had been insincere and shallow This area did not honor Him at all.

With this in mind, there arises the question: why did Jesus return to Cana? It may have been that He wanted to cultivate the seed He left there. The “seed” had been planted at the wedding feast. Nathanael came from this place. This could have been the reason too. When Jesus arrives there, He is met by a nobleman from Capernaum which is twenty miles away. It is obvious this man heard of the miracles that Jesus performed. He came that far to speak with Jesus about his son who was dying. This nobleman came by faith. He did not know if Jesus would even speak to him. This was going to be the second miracle at Cana by the request of a father.

We do not know if this man was a Jew or a Gentile. It should be noted that John did not give this man’s name. John was recording another important event in the ministry of Jesus, and that was all that mattered. The nobleman did not waste time talking to Jesus. He wanted Jesus to come to his home to heal his son. He told Jesus that his son was at the point of death. We are not given details concerning the disease that the young man had. This man walked in faith knowing of the miracles Jesus had already performed. Jesus said that “Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe.” John 4:48. The nobleman begged Jesus to come to his house before his son would die. Jesus made no formal or eye-catching announcement. He just told the father to go back to Capernaum. His son shall live. Notice the man’s response. He believed Jesus’ words, and he began his trip back home. When he returned home, his servants told him that his was alive. This nobleman asked when did his son begin to heal. The servants told him what hour the son began to heal. He realized that it was the same hour that Jesus spoke to him. It was the seventh hour. He was standing in front of Jesus at that time. Not only did the nobleman believe in Jesus, but this man’s entire household believed in Jesus. This is declared as the second miracle that was done by Jesus.

Once again Jesus performs a miracle based upon the belief of an individual. This man had such great faith that he believes the spoken word of Jesus.



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