The Ripple Effect

Have you ever thrown a stone into a pond? It produces a small ripple in the water. The ripple spreads into larger ripples. This is what happens when it comes to witnessing. John truly shows in this chapter that Jesus is a soul winner. It begins with the woman, and it ends with possibly her entire village coming to see Jesus. This is a perfect example of effective witnessing. Can we say that our witness is this effective?

The woman’s testimony caused many of the Samaritans to believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah. She said that Jesus told her about her life. When the citizens of that village heard this, they came to Jesus to see and hear for themselves. They asked Jesus to stay with them for a while. Verse 40 states that Jesus stayed there for two days. It is important that new believers be rooted and grounded in the Word of God. In those two days, Jesus fed them spiritually. There is no such thing as “second hand salvation.” People must come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ for themselves. Then many more received salvation. Those who received salvation told the woman they believed the words of Jesus. They heard for themselves. Their belief and faith came not from her testimony. Her words stirred up their curiosity. They accepted Jesus as the Christ, the Savior. Verse 42.

Do you see how important your witnessing will become? You may be saying that your witness is not that strong. You may have excuses for the reason you do not witness. “I cannot speak well. I do not know the scriptures that well.” You must realize that God will give you the words to say to that individual. This means you must read and study God’s Word. You must pray to the Father for help in witnessing. As I stated earlier, you cannot use a template to witness to people. You must be in touch with the Holy Spirit so He can give you the right words to say. You are not alone. The Holy Spirit is your Comforter and Your Guide. He will bring all things back to your remembrance. That is a part of His ministry in your life. Read the following verses:


Note, which states that people shall be witnesses in Samaria. This is true even though the Jews despised these people. Nobody is left out when it comes to salvation. Jesus died for the world. If we faithfully follow Jesus, He will give us the harvest. We have no idea how many came to the Lord in Samaria because of this woman’s witness. She bore much fruit for the kingdom of God!



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