Incident at the Pool

As I discussed in the previous lesson, people gathered around the five porticos (porches) for the purpose of being healed. The water was said to be visited by an angel. When the water was stirred, it was said to contain healing virtue. The first one to step into the water would be healed. This portion of scripture focuses on one man. This man had been infirmed for thirty-eight years. This is where this lesson picks up.

Jesus saw this man lying there at the pool. Jesus knew how long the man at been at this pool. Jesus strikes up a conversation with the man. Jesus asks the man “do you want to be made whole?” The man does not give a direct answer. It should have been either “yes” or “no.” Instead, the man gives an explanation as to why he cannot get to the water. He has nobody to get him to the water in time. Somebody always beats him to the pool. This man was giving excuses instead of standing in faith. (figuratively speaking) This is when Jesus gives the man a direct command. In verse 8, Jesus tells the man to take up his bed and walk. The Lord healed the man by His word. and Immediately the man gains the victory over his illness. He takes up his bed and walks.

There is one thing that John bears out about this incident. Jesus healed the man on the Sabbath! This is one of the prophesied ministries of the Messiah. This is one of the things that the Sadducees and Pharisees claimed that Jesus did wrong! He healed on the Sabbath! They considered Jesus healing on the Sabbath work. If they had known their scriptures, they would have recognized Jesus for Who He was. They were spiritually blind.

This is a revelation of the grace of God. Grace brought Jesus to the Pool of Bethesda. It should be noted that Jesus healed one man. The fact that Jesus came to this man, spoke to this man and healed him is proof of His wonderful grace and mercy. Considering the nation of Israel, they had wandered in the wilderness for thirty-eight years When looking at Israel from a spiritual aspect, Israel was a nation of impotent people. They waited hopelessly for something to happen. [Bible Exposition Commentary (BE Series) – New Testament, Volume 1 – Be Alive (John 1-12) John – Chapter Five, p. 304]

After the man was healed, Jesus moves on. He did not pause to heal anybody else. He may have moved on so as not to cause any problems among the people. Some people have been calling for Him to heal them. Jesus had done His work here, and He was called to move on. Remember Jesus is on a Divine schedule. The Greek word for “moved away” means “to dodge.”



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