Divine Connection Between Jesus and the Father


To be honest with you, I have been trying to write on these verses since Monday. I want to make these verses understandable to you. Maybe that is what is wrong in my attempt to help you understand these verses. I want to “make” you understand from them.

My posts here are meant to be helpful to you as you read through John. I realize that you are being blessed by them. It may be that I am attempting to be too theological about this passage. I seek to have you be blessed by these series of verses. I am not saying that this passage is the only passage that will bring strength and blessing to your soul. I want to have many scriptures included with this lesson, but my mind is drawing a blank. Like I said, I do not want to be wrapped in theological Christian ease.

The Father has the power to raise the dead, and this same power has been given to the Son. Whatever the Father can do, the Son can do as well. Jesus has received authority (delegated authority) from the Father to work the same works as the Father here on earth. Judaism accepted the legal principle of agency. The idea that the Son is the legal agent of the Father infuriated the religious leaders. How dare this man claim to be in possession of divine authority from the Father! This was blasphemy according to the law. This disarms their objection as noted in http://ref.ly/Jn5.18.

There is also the matter concerning God giving honor to Jesus as His representative Ps 2:11-12. No one was ever to be honored to the same degree as God. Note http://ref.ly/Is42.8, http://ref.ly/Is48.11 cf. http://ref.ly/Ex20.5. This is a claim to deity.

Jesus also had the divine authority to give eternal life to those who believed His words. Obedience to His words worked in their lives to the point that their faith in Him would grow immensely. This unity between Father and Son also placed the responsibility of judgment upon Jesus. The Father did not judge. (verse 22). There is such a connection between Father and Son that they are walking and working as one.

There I’ve done it. What do you think? Did I do a decent job? I can only do so much, and then the learning is up to you. Let me know what you think?



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