Mission Accomplished

To hear the Word of God can be compared to planting a seed. When it is well watered, it brings forth eternal life as its fruit. That is the essence of John 5:24. The believer would not be condemned.

Jesus’ movements were divinely orchestrated to reach the maximum amount of people within three and one-half years. His discourses, miracles, signs and wonders drew multitudes of people. News of His works and ministry spread by word of mouth. Those who were healed and received miracles at the Word of Jesus told people what Jesus had done. This caused more people to seek out Jesus in hopes of receiving what they needed.

This caused problems with the religious leaders. They sought to bring to pass what was in their hearts. They would fulfill the seed of hatred with the manifestation of murdering Jesus Christ. He had upset their “apple cart” one to many times. They would have to silence this “rebellious” individual finally. The devil used one of His own disciples to set Him up. In the end, this individual would commit suicide because of what he had done.

Yet His enemies would not realize that killing Jesus was the reason He came. His death brought forth life. The chains of sin and its resulting death would be broken at last. He would not only rise on the third day, but He would resurrect others with Him. They had helped to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ. How? He was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the earth! This is why He came. Jesus fulfilled His mission on earth. Now everybody in the world would have the opportunity to hear the Word of Truth and be saved!



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